Patch 1 for version 7.9.01

This topic contains information about updates in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.


For complete compatibility information about this BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform release, see BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility (SPAC requires a Support login). Log in using your support ID, search for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform and choose the current release to display compatibility information.


This patch provides fixes to the following known issues.

Issue IDDescription

The Tokenize Large String process is unable to parse large strings and causes the workflow to fail with a StackOverFlowError.


For resolving this issue, after installing, you must install a BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content hotfix. For more information on obtaining the hot fix, see Knowledge Article 000135251.


Workflows running successfully in the development and test environments fail in the production environment. The process terminates in a compensated state.

DRAUM-22177After changing the password for the default aoadmin user, the user is not able to log on to the CDP. This issue occurs when your platform uses external Remedy SSO.
DRAUM-21896When synchronizing two embedded Remedy SSO instances using the syncRSSO migration option tool option (described in Using the migration tool utility), the synchronization only works if the source and destination hosts/IP addresses are different.
DRAUM-22066When setting up LDAP authentication in Remedy SSO, when you select the Enable Group Retrieval checkbox, the fields are duplicated in the Remedy SSO UI.
DRAUM-22067After setting up LDAP authentication in Remedy SSO, the Base DN for group search value does not persist in the Remedy SSO UI. When you log out and log back into Remedy SSO and the Base DN for group search field is empty.

SOAP sessions are not invalidated in Remedy SSO, in addition to this, Remedy SSO Session tab displays many sessions, because the default session timeout value is too large.


BMC Atrium Orchestrator does not correctly perform group lookups on LDAP users with special characters in their common names (CN).

The group lookup on LDAP users with special characters in their CNs results in users being able to login, but not having the permissions that are associated with their groups.


The Repository Manager incorrectly generates an error when a user, who is part of a group with view permissions to Manage Content and Manage Permissions, attempts to access the Manage Permissions tab. The following error is displayed:

"The current user was not authorized for the permission TRANSFER_CONTENT."

DRAUM-22108When the grid is running a large number of schedules, it sometimes stops running before processing all of the schedule jobs.
DRAUM-22109RESTful API requests to update module configurations for XML and Secure value types do not work and result in an error.
DRAUM-21156If a process is terminated from Grid Manager, the process still keeps running and is displayed in the processes list.

Downloading the patch

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files. You can link to the download files here:  BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform .

Compatible Remedy Single Sign-On version

The Patch 1 for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.9 Service Pack 1 is compatible with version of Remedy Single Sign-On. 

Installing the patch

The process to install any major release, service pack or patch is same. To install the patch, follow the instructions in the Installing topic.

Upgrading to the patch


If your current platform version is earlier than 7.9.01, and you are upgrading to, you must first upgrade to 7.9.01 and then upgrade to this patch. 

For more information, see Upgrading.

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