Verifying a peer installation

To verify that the installation of a peer was successful, you can verify that the services are running and launch Grid Manager.

To verify that the services or processes are running

  1. Locate the following services or processes for 
    • Windows BMC Atrium Orchestrator Repository 
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Configuration Distribution Peer 
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Lightweight Activity Peer 
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Activity Peer
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Dashboard Server
  2. If the service or process is not running, use one of the following methods to start it:
    • On a Microsoft Windows peer, in the Services panel, right-click the applicable service, and select Start:
    • On a Linux and Solaris peer, in the console, type the following command, in which AO_HOME represents the peer installation directory: 
      AO_HOME/bin/ start

To verify that Grid Manager starts

  1. In a web browser, launch Grid Manager by using the the following format to type the URL: http://fullyQualifiedDomainName:webServerPort/baocdp
    • fullyQualifiedDomainName is the host name appended with the domain name used to install the CDP.
    • webServerPort is the port number entered during installation.


      If you entered the host name as and port 7680 during installation, you would type the following URL to launch Grid Manager:

      The Atrium Single Sign-On logon screen appears.

  2. Log on using the Atrium Single Sign-On credentials.
  3. Log on to Grid Manager by using the credentials as created in BMC Atrium Single Sign-On.
    The Status tab shows the grid that you set up when you installed the CDP.

    For more information about grids and Grid Manager, see Managing grids.

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