Sample Metrics by DescriptionStatus report


The graphing server is not supported in 7.8.02 and later releases.

The Metrics by DescriptionStatus report displays metrics by workflow description and their status. This topic describes sample Metrics by DescriptionStatus reports and provides steps to generate the report data. The sample reports display metrics and graphs generated by a full stack provisioning job. The topic includes the following information:

Sample reports

The following Metrics by DescriptionStatus report shows metrics generated by a single workflow in the full stack provisioning job, Deploy DB Server. This particular report shows counts by hour of the successful and failed workflow activity. To generate this report, you would select a high-level category (in this case, Provision), the Deploy DB Server workflow from Descriptions, and the statuses.


The category, description, and status are the three header fields entered in the Metrics Activity within BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio.

Metrics by DescriptionStatus report, Deploy DB Server workflow metrics

The next figure of the Metrics by DescriptionStatus report shows the SLA exceeded status of multiple workflows in the full stack provisioning job. To generate this report, you would select the high-level category Provision, the descriptions of the workflows that you want to view, and the SLA EXCEEDED status.

Metrics by DescriptionStatus report, SLA Exceeded metrics

To generate the Metrics by DescriptionStatus report

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to the graphing server page at http://hostname:port/baocdp/metrics.
  2. From the report menu, select Metrics by DescriptionStatus.
  3. From the Categories list, select a high-level category.
  4. From the Descriptions list, select the descriptions that you want to include in the report.
  5. From the Status list, select the statuses that you want to include in the report.
  6. From the Group by list, select the interval for grouping data, and then click Update.

Viewing detailed metrics parameters

In the lower right section of the report, the Detailed metrics parameters show each of the metric context items. Each column name shown in this report is the name of a context item. For the report to display the detailed metrics parameters, you must edit the parameterDetails.jsp file on the configuration distribution peer (CDP), located at AO_Home\tomcat\webapps\baocdp\metrics\business.

To enable the display of the stored detailed metric values

  1. Using a text editor, open the AO_Home\tomcat\webapps\baocdp\metrics\business\parameterDetails.jsp file on the peer that collects the metrics.
  2. Edit the amp:metric-parameter-details output="table" section by adding the line inclusive="true"as shown in the sample below:

    <amp:metric-parameter-details output="table"
  3. Save the AO_Home\tomcat\webapps\baocdp\metrics\business\parameterDetails.jsp file.

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