Performing the upgrade

This section describes how you can use the GUI installation program to upgrade the BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform components. The GUI installation program provides direct upgrades for the upgrade scenarios described in this section.


  • This version of BMC Atrium Orchestrator does not support the use of custom realms. 
  • Check the Release notes and notices area for information about service packs, patches, and content versions that are available for BMC Atrium Orchestrator.
  • Review the information in Preparing for upgrade and ensure that you have performed required pre-upgrade steps.

For a list of installation program names that you use to upgrade BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform components, see Performing the installation.

This section includes the following pages:

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Troubleshooting the installation

Troubleshooting BMC Atrium Single Sign-On problems for issues related to SSO upgrades and registering agents after an upgrade.

Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator to use HTTPS for information about converting from HTTP to HTTPS.

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  1. Mark Mclaughlin

    This process for upgrade implies an upgrade for AtriumSSO. In all likelihood whilst AO is being upgraded this will be a new install for ASSO. In particular most users will probably be upgrading from 7603 of AO where there was no ASSO. The instructions should allow for both scenarios

    Sep 22, 2016 12:05
    1. Dorothy Poole

      Hi Mark,

      The instructions in the note near the top of the page tell users to review the information in Preparing for upgrade. That page tells 7.6.03 users that they will need to install ASSO. It also tells the that they will first need to use the migration utility to migrate data from AM to ASSO. Hopefully this is sufficient to instruct users from 7.6.03 about the steps that they need to take.

      Thank you.

      Sep 22, 2016 02:28