Development Studio update corrects transform issue

BMC Software has found an issue in the latest version of BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) Development Studio 7.8.00.

While editing new or existing assign activity, if the activity has multiple actions, editing an action causes existing, valid, and unedited actions to be incorrectly overwritten by the new transform that was modified. 

This issue is assigned the following ID: BAO-695.

Recommended action

  • Do not use BAO Development Studio 7.8.00 to create or edit workflows that have multiple actions in activities.
  • Update Development Studio to the latest patched version.

Complete the following procedures:

  • Backup any existing workflows that you have written in your current BAO Development Studio workspace. You can do this by exporting the modules to a disk or the repository.
  • Uninstall BAO Development Studio 7.8.00.
  • Download the updated BAO Development Studio 7.8.00 (file date July 17, 2015) from BMC’s EPD (Electronic Product Download) site.
  • Install the updated BAO Development Studio 7.8.00.
  • Import your workflows back into your workspace.
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