7.8.01: Service Pack 1

This topic contains information about updates and enhancements in this service pack, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack.


This release includes the following enhancements.

Changing default dashboard and report settings

You can change additional default settings for dashboards and reports in the hbd.properties file. You can now change the following default settings:

  • The currency symbol used in Value Dashboard reports
  • The minimum and maximum values used when creating Process Metrics reports

For more information, see Changing dashboard and report default settings.

Development Studio enhancements

The following enhancements have been made in Development Studio.

Context item name top-aligned

Previously, it was sometime difficult to find the context item name when viewing a context item with lot of detail. The context item name is now top-aligned so that it is easy to find. 

Context item name at the top of the context item details pop-up window

Previously, when viewing a context item's details, the pop-up window that displayed the details did not display the context item name. Now the context item name appears at the top of the details pop-up window.

Ability to confirm all modules import at once

Previously, when importing multiple modules from the repository into Development Studio, you had to confirm the module overwrite for each module that will overwrite an existing one. Now you can confirm the import for all modules at once instead of having to do individual confirmations for each module.


This release includes fixes to the following known issues.

Issue IDDescription

Tokens that are not valid for Value Dashboard report types appear in the Description field tokens options.

The following tokens should not be available with the specified report types, but they currently are available:

  • The {{financial}} token should not be available with the Time report type.
  • The {{time}} token should not be available with the Financial report type.

Components do not display correctly in the Value Dashboard when using Internet Explorer.

The page elements are not aligned properly in the dashboard when it is opened in Internet Explorer.


Unit of measure is not defined for Value Dashboard financial reports. Users cannot specify the currency value for reports.

When creating a Value report and choosing the value, you cannot specify the currency and it is not defined.


When logging into the dashboard, if you do not select a grid server, the validation error message is not displayed.

When you do not select a grid server when logging into the dashboard, a validation error should display to inform you to select a grid server. The validation error does not display. The error message displays only when you click the drop-down menu or re-select the "Select one grid server" option.

DRAUM-443When creating a Value Dashboard report, the header tokens overlap the description labels (blocking the labels).

Health Dashboard data display is incorrectly formatted in Internet Explorer.

Data is not aligned properly when accessing the dashboard using Internet Explorer.


On the Modules tab of the Health Dashboard, table scrolling is not available.

When a large number of modules are included in the data, scrolling should be enabled for the table, but it is not.

DRAUM-569The complete report description is not being displayed on the Value Dashboard Details page.
DRAUM-560CDP and HACDP grid logs show BadPaddingException during startup.

The charts displayed on the Value Dashboard Home page are not the same size.

All charts should be the same size, but they are displaying in different sizes.


On the Value Dashboard, report name and report total lines are not center-aligned.

These report headers should be center-aligned, but are currently left-aligned.


The complete report description is not being displayed on the Value Dashboard report Details page.

When viewing a report's details on the Details page, the complete report description should be displayed. Currently the description is cropped.

DRAUM-573Continuously getting "java.io.IOException: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Invalid padding" in Development Studio grid log.
DRAUM-582In Development Studio, when using the context string editor, right-clicking does not open the context selection menu.
DRAUM-584During an upgrade, the uninstall of BMC Atrium Orchestrator component did not remove Atrium Single Sign-On agent.
DRAUM-654In Development Studio, when creating a new workflow, you cannot add a logging entry (by clicking the activity's Logging tab and then right-clicking in a context item field).
DRAUM-674In the Grid Manager adapter configuration form, the description field is displayed in lowercase.
DRAUM-689In the Development Studio debug console, the system output windows include extra empty lines.
DRAUM-695In Development Studio, editing modules with the Assign activity transform can cause a loss or mismatch of data.

The dashboard gridhosts.properties provides the wrong example for configuring the file.

The file includes an incorrect example. It should include the following example:


DRAUM-700In Development Studio, you sometimes cannot enter a password in the Login screen.

In Development Studio, when editing a Script activity, attempting to save multiple actions results in an error.

When you edit a Script activity, add a Perl script, add an input token and save it, then add another input token and attempt to save it, you will get an error similar to the following:

Could not save changes.

Script text cannot be empty.

DRAUM-714Users should be able to configure the minimum and maximum values for Value Dashboard reports and they are currently hardcoded.

The Value Dashboard does not to connect to SQL 2012.

With this issue, attempts to log into the dashboard fail with the error message "Connection successful but could not gather data" and logs show the same failed query exception.


In Development Studio, when duplicating an existing rule, the source rule's conditions are duplicated inside the source rule and the duplicate copy of the rule.

When you open a process module's rules and you duplicate an existing rule, the conditions inside the rule are duplicated. The new rule contains all conditions twice and the source rule is changed and has the same duplicate rules. The source rule should be unchanged and the new rule should have one copy of the conditions.

DRAUM-728Passwords are visible in Value Dashboard logs.
DRAUM-764In Development Studio, the Transform button drop-down is not functioning properly.
DRAUM-900In Development Studio, the Transform split button is not functioning properly.
DRAUM-905In Development Studio, the Search button drop-down is not functioning properly.
DRAUM-936When the CDP is installed on port 443, subsequent AP, LAP, or HA-CDP installations fail to validate the CDP status and the installations do not complete.
DRAUM-962In Development Studio, opening workflows that contain an activity with a custom label causes the user to be prompted to save the workflow when the user tries to close it, even though the user did not edit the workflow.

When adding displaying Business Metric reports on the Value dashboard, the browser hangs or displays an empty page.

After creating a Business Metric report and selecting Display on Home in the Edit Reports page, when you go to the Value Dashboard, the browser hangs or displays an empty page.

See also Known and corrected issues. 

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

For BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform version 7.8 Service Pack 1 compatibility with other supported products, see BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility (SPAC requires a Support login). Log in using your support ID, search for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform and choose the current release to display compatibility information.

Installing the service pack

To install the service pack, follow the instructions in the Installing topic.

Upgrading the service pack 

To upgrade the service pack, follow the instructions in the Upgrading topic. 

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