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(archive) BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.7

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This space contains information about the BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.7 Platform release, which is part of the BMC Atrium brand of products and the following suites:

  • BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite
  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite
  • BMC Application Management Suite
Release notes and notices
updated 23 Oct
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Oct 23, 20141.0.00 Health DashboardIntroduces the first release of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Health Dashboard.
Sep 10, 2014BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform Service Pack 2

Contains the enhancements, corrected issues, and installation related information.

Fixed issues listed in Known and corrected issues, and the update about migrating authentication and authorization data from Access Manager.

Aug 29, 2014Known and corrected issuesContains a new table filter for filtering known and corrected issues based on the corrected or affected versions, component, and defect IDs.
Aug 11, 2014Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On high availability clustersProvides a detailed procedure on how to install BMC Atrium Orchestrator with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On high-availability clusters.
July 3, 2013BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform Service Pack 1Contains the enhancements, corrected issues, and installation related information.


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Known and corrected issues

Downloading the installation files

Support information

Getting started


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Concepts, architecture, deployment, planning, and system requirements.



Preparing for installation, installing the product, and uninstalling the product.

Configuring after installation


Required post-installation configuration.



Upgrade process, migration, and configuration.



Issues resolution, error messages, logs, and contacting Support.



Interface descriptions and using the product.



Security, system administration, and maintenance.

Developing workflows using BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio


Development Studio interface, design tools, and workflow development.



Integrations with other products, integration mechanisms, and web services.
Frequently asked questions and other information
This topic provides information that supplements the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform version 7.7  documentation.
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