Setting up the TrueSight Server Automation connector

You can set up the system connectors either during the installation process or afterwards. It is mandatory to set up at least one of the system connectors during installation. Other connectors can be set up afterwards from the Connectors tab on the Administration page.

The TrueSight Server Automation connector enables communication between TrueSight Vulnerability Management and a TrueSight Server Automation application server. This topic describes how to set up connector to the TrueSight Server Automation endpoint manager. This procedure assumes that you have not set up the TrueSight Server Automation connector during installation.

Before you begin

To set up a connector, web services must be enabled on the TrueSight Server Automation application server.

 Click here to see instructions for enabling web services.
  1. Log on to the TrueSight Server Automation Application Server.
  2. Start the blasadmin utility (also called the Application Server Administration console).
  3. Run the following command to enable web services: 
    set AppServer enablewebservices true
  4. To confirm that web services are enabled (that is, set to True), run the following command:
    show AppServer enablewebservices
  5. Restart the TrueSight Server Automation Application Server.


When setting up connectors, a single machine cannot host more than one connector of the same type. For example, if you have set up a connector for TrueSight Server Automation on a host, you cannot successfully set up another TrueSight Server Automation connector on the same host.

To set up the TrueSight Server Automation connector

  1. Log on to TrueSight Vulnerability Management as a TrueSight Network Automation administrator or SCCM administrator with your registered credentials.
  2. Click the drop-down menu by your user name (at top right). Then, select Administration.
    The Administration page opens.

  3. Click the Connectors tab.
  4. Click Add a new connector.
    The Create Connector page opens.
  5. Enter the following information:

    NameName of the connector you want to set up
    Connector Type

    Type of the connector

    Choose Server Automation if not selected by default.

    DescriptionAn optional description for the connector
    Target Host

    Fully qualified name or IP address of TrueSight Server Automation application server

    Target Port

    Web service communication port configured on the application server

    Typically, the BMC application server is configured to use 443 for its web service communication port.

    Connector Admin Server Automation Role Name

    The role in TrueSight Server Automation that will be granted administrative permissions

    Users belonging to this role are called endpoint administrators, and they are able to perform administrative actions in TrueSight Vulnerability Management.

  6. Click Create Connector.

Where to go from here 

To set up external connectors, see Setting up the TrueSight Orchestration connector and Setting up the BMC Discovery connector.

To learn more about the TrueSight Vulnerability Management process, see Use cases.

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