Setting up the SCCM connector

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) connector enables communication between TrueSight Vulnerability Management and an SCCM server.

You can set up the SCCM connector either during the installation process or afterwards. This topic describes how to set up connector after the installation process.

Before you begin

To set up the SCCM connector

  1. Log on to TrueSight Vulnerability Management as an administrator of any other system connector.
  2. Click the drop-down menu by your user name (at top right). Then, select Administration.
    The Administration page opens.

  3. Click the Connectors tab.
  4. Click Add a new connector.
    The Create Connector page opens.
  5. Enter the following information:

    NameName of the connector you want to set up
    Connector TypeThe type of endpoint manager—in this case, choose SCCM.
    DescriptionOptional descriptive text for the connection.
    Target Host

    Name or IP address of the SCCM server to which want to connect

    Connector Admin SCCM Role Name
    The Active Directory group in SCCM that is mapped to administrative permissions in SCCM. This group should be associated with SCCM security roles such as Full Administrator. Users belonging to this Active Directory group will be able to perform administrative actions in
    SCCM Shared FolderA folder on the SCCM server that all SCCM clients can access. The contents of any software update group being used for remediation are downloaded to the shared folder. The shared folder is identified during the set up process. The location is specified using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC). For example, \sources\software updates\.
    SCCM Site CodeA unique identifier that SCCM uses to identify the SCCM site.
  6. Click Create Connector.

Where to go from here

To set up external connectors, see Setting up the TrueSight Orchestration connector and Setting up the BMC Discovery connector.

To learn more about the TrueSight Vulnerability Management process, see Use cases.

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