Setting up job approval and change tracking

This topic describes how to set up job approval and change tracking in TrueSight Vulnerability Management and the supported endpoint managers.


You can set up job approval and change tracking for the Remediation operations by integrating TrueSight Vulnerability Management and an endpoint manager with a change management system (such as BMC Remedy ITSM) and TrueSight Orchestration. With this kind of integration, when a TrueSight Vulnerability Management administrator starts a Remediation operation that requires tracking and approval, the corresponding job is created in the endpoint manager and a change request is automatically created in the change management system. When the change request is approved in change management system, the job is scheduled to execute in the endpoint manager. 

TrueSight Vulnerability Management uses TrueSight Orchestration to fetch the current status of the job. As soon as the job execution is complete, the Remediation operation is marked as complete in TrueSight Vulnerability Management. For details of the process, see Change Automation.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have installed and configured ITSM Automation runbook.

To set up job approval and change tracking

  1. Ensure that a connection has been established between TrueSight Vulnerability Management and TrueSight Orchestration.
  2. Configure a Change Automation account. This account is responsible for updating a job on the endpoint manager with schedule if the change record is approved by the change management system.

  3. (Required only for TrueSight Network Automation) A job approval type with type None must exist in TrueSight Network Automation. For more information about adding a job approval type, see Adding a job approval type in the TrueSight Network Automation documentation.

Where to go from here

See the following use case scenarios depending on the endpoint manager you are using:

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