Setting up connectors

Connectors are the system components that relay information between TrueSight Vulnerability Management and the applications (endpoint managers). This topic describes various connector types available in TrueSight Vulnerability Management.

There are two categories of connectors:

  • System connectors—Link to applications that must be paired with TrueSight Vulnerability Management to perform remediation on servers and network devices. The available system connectors are:
    • TrueSight Server Automation (appears as Server Automation in the UI)
    • TrueSight Network Automation (appears as Network Automationin the UI)
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) (appears as SCCM in the UI)
  • External connectors—Link to other products that provide additional functionality for TrueSight Vulnerability Management. The available external connectors are:

    • BMC Discovery—Used for detecting blind spots (servers that exist in a computing environment but are not included in vulnerability scans). You can also use data from BMC Discovery to filter information by the type of software installed on a server.

    • TrueSight Orchestration—Used in conjunction with TrueSight Server Automation to set up job approvals.

To establish a connection with endpoint managers, either you can specify the connector details during installation of the application or you can set up the connector later from the Connectors tab on the Administration page. During installation of TrueSight Vulnerability Management, you need to specify details of at least one of the system connectors. 

During installation, an administrative role is specified. Users belonging to that role are considered to be endpoint administrators. They can perform administrative tasks to ensure the TrueSight Vulnerability Management environment is functioning smoothly. When connected to endpoint managers, you cannot create additional secondary connectors. You can only modify some of the settings for the primary connectors.

The following topics describes how to set up connections to system connectors and external connectors:

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