Providing service level agreement information

Service level agreement (SLA) data determines whether vulnerabilities conform to those agreements. You can specify a deadline and a warning threshold value for each of the five levels of vulnerability severity. The deadline is the period of time, specified in your service level agreement, after which a vulnerability must be corrected. A warning threshold is the period of time after which vulnerabilities are nearing their deadline and require immediate attention. By default, warning thresholds are set to 80% of the deadline period. 

Throughout TrueSight Vulnerability Management, SLA levels are categorized as:

  • Within—The age of the vulnerability is less than the warning threshold specified on this page.
  • Approaching—The age of the vulnerability has exceeded the warning threshold specified on this page but has not passed the deadline specified in the SLA.
  • Exceeding—The age of the vulnerability has exceeded the deadline specified in the SLA.


Any values you enter on this page apply to the entire installation. The values set here are not specific to a particular security group.

To provide SLA information

  1. Click the drop-down menu by your user name (at top right) and select Administration (for endpoint administrators) or My Account (for non-administrative users). 
  2. Click the Advanced Configuration tab. 

  3. Specify Deadline and Warning Threshold values for each of the five severity levels.
    You can optionally enter none (case sensitive) in the Deadline and Warning Threshold fields for any severity level. If you do so, data for that severity level appears in the dashboards as within the SLA period.
  4. Click Save.
    You can click Reset Defaults to return the Deadline and Warning Threshold values to their initial default values.
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