NSH Script results - Script Results tab


The Script Results tab shows the results of an NSH Script operation on its targets. Select a target and the list at right shows all messages generated when the NSH Script operation ran on that target. An icon next to each item in the Targets list shows if the operation failed or succeeded.

To search for targets or messages

In the Search Targets box, enter a text string of any length. The Targets list shows all targets with names that include that text string. If you leave the box blank, the page shows all targets.

In the Search Messages box, enter a text string of any length and click Search . The messages list shows all messages with content that includes the text string. If you leave the box blank and click Search, the list shows all messages.

To filter targets or messages

Take any of the following steps:

  • Click one of the wedges representing the operational status in the pie chart at top and results are automatically filtered for that status. For example, if you click Successful in the pie chart, the Targets list shows only targets where the NSH Script operation succeeded.
  • At the top of the Targets list, select a status, such as Successful or Failure. The Targets list shows only targets matching that status. 
  • At the top of message list, select a type of message, such as Information or Error. The message list shows only messages matching that type.



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