Monitoring the status of long-running activities

Some actions in TrueSight Vulnerability Management can take many minutes to complete. Use the Activity Status page to check on long-running actions or other actions that you previously completed.

Currently, the Activity Status page can show the status of the following actions:

  • Importing of scan files
  • Importing of tag data
  • Deleting of scan files 
  • Manual and automatic mapping of assets
  • Manual and automatic mapping of vulnerabilities
  • Generation of license usage reports

You can only see activities that you create or are created because of your actions.

This topic includes the following sections:

Managing the display of information

The Activity Status page provides various mechanisms for managing the information it displays.


Using filters, you can choose the types of operations displayed on the Activity Status page. The following filtering options are possible:

  • Type—Click the menu at the top of the Type column. Then select the types of operations you want to display. If you do not select any types, all operation types are displayed.
  • Name—Enter a text string in the text box at the top of the Name column. Operations with names that include the string are displayed.
  • Status—Click the menu at the top of the Status column. Then select the statuses you want to display. If you do not select any, all statuses are displayed. You can select multiple status types; the following example shows two status types selected: In Progress and Successful:


All columns can be sorted by clicking the sort icon at the top of the column.


By clicking the name of an operation, you can display the relevant page for that type of operation. For scan file imports, the scan file you selected is automatically filtered. For example, if you click the name of a scan file, the Scan Import page opens, and the list of imports at the bottom of that page is automatically filtered so it displays only the selected scan file. For assets and vulnerabilities, the respective Assets or Vulnerabilities page appears and displays an unfiltered list of all assets or vulnerabilities.

If you click the name of a License Usage report, the report is downloaded in the form of a ZIP file. Only endpoint administrators can generate License Usage reports.

More information

When you click a link in the More Information column, a pop-up window displays the full text of the message generated for that operation, as shown in the following example:

Refreshing information

The information on the Activity Status page does not automatically update. If you are monitoring an activity that is in progress, click the Refresh icon  to obtain the most recent information.

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