Managing product services

This topic describes how to manage product services using the system service and the Stack Manager tool.


Starting from version 3.0.01, services for all deployment types, database, Elasticsearch, and application, are started automatically on system startup.

Using the system service

TrueSight Server Automation installs a new system service on the application, Elasticsearch, and database nodes. On system startup, this system service starts the services for these deployment types automatically.

In addition, you can use this system service to start and stop all of these deployment types using a single command. For example, if application and database are installed on the same computer, you can use this service to start and stop both of these deployment types using a single command. 

Enter the following command to start all deployment types:

systemctl start tsvm

Enter the following command to stop all deployment types:

systemctl stop tsvm


If two of the deployment types (for example, application and database) are installed on the same computer, and you want to start or stop the services only for one of these, use the Stack Manager tool, as described in the following section.

Using the Stack Manager tool

TrueSight Vulnerability Management provides the Stack Manager tool to install, uninstall and manage three nodes, application server, database, and Elasticsearch in a deployment. You can download this tool (TSVM<versionNo> from EPD.

After downloading the tool, extract it, and navigate to the TSVM<versionNo>-SM-LIN64/truesight-sm directory, and run the commands listed in the table below. 

Use the following syntax to run the Stack Manager tool for performing various operations on nodes:

python argument

The following table lists the arguments available for the command:

ArgumentDescriptionCommandSample Output
-hDisplays help for the Stack Manager tool.

python [-h]

python [-help]

positional arguments:
install                     Installs the stack.
create_inputs_file  Creates inputs_file.yml to be used for installation.
list_deployments    Lists deployments.
uninstall                  Uninstalls the stack.
start                         Starts the stack.
stop                         Stops the stack.
status                      Shows the status of stack.
network                   Network related commands.

installInstalls the application, database, or Elasticsearch


Note: This command internally uses the Stack Manager tool.

See Installing in the interactive mode.
uninstall --deployment deploymentTypeUninstalls the application, database, or Elasticsearchpython uninstall --deployment application|database|elasticsearch --force

Uninstalling components for deployment 'deploymentType'

Uninstallation completed successfully.

list_deploymentsLists the available deployments

python list_deployments

[INFO] TrueSight Stack Manager V3.1.00.243
[INFO] Deployments:
deployment-name  location
---------------  --------

application      /data1/bmc/truesight/application
database         /data1/bmc/truesight/database

elasticsearch    /data1/bmc/truesight/elasticsearch
status --deployment applicationLists the status of the application nodepython status --deployment application

Component                        Container Name                                 Version     Status
---------                        --------------                                 -------     ------

consul                           truesight-infra-ext-consul              running

discovery-connector              truesight-common-discovery-connector   running

orchestration-connector          truesight-common-orchestration-connector  running

redis                            truesight-infra-ext-redis               running

tagging                          truesight-common-tagging               running

tsna-connector                   truesight-common-tsna-connector        running

tssa-connector                   truesight-common-tssa-connector        running

vulnerability-management-drm     truesight-app-vulnerability-management-drm  running

vulnerability-management-drw     truesight-app-vulnerability-management-drw  running

vulnerability-management-portal  truesight-app-vulnerability-management-portal  running

workmanager                      truesight-common-workmanager           running

status --deployment  elasticsearchLists the status of the Elasticsearch node

python status --deployment elasticsearch

Component  Version   Status
---------  -------   ------

es  DCA Index Service Daemon is running
status --deployment databaseLists the status of the database node

python status --deployment database

Component  Version    Status
---------  -------    ------
postgres   10.3-2.20  pg_ctl: server is running (PID: 6399)

start --deployment <deploymentType>Starts the application, database, or Elasticsearch node

python start --deployment application|elasticsearch|database

Proceeding with start command for deployment 'deploymentType'

server started

stop --deployment <deploymentType>Stops the application, database, or Elasticsearch node

python stop --deployment application|elasticsearch|database

Proceeding with start command for deployment 'deploymentType'

server stopped

network show --deployment applicationDisplays the network details of the application node

python network show --deployment application

Name                                   Subnet
----                                   ------

host                                   -

none                                   -


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