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 Do users need special permissions to access content?

Access to content is based on roles in TrueSight Server Automation and SCCM. For TrueSight Server Automation, each security group in TrueSight Vulnerability Management maps to a role in TrueSight Server Automationand grants the permissions assigned to that role. For SCCM, each security group maps to a security role in SCCM. Security groups in TrueSight Vulnerability Management should be set up to reflect roles in TrueSight Server Automation or SCCM rather than the other way around. 

 Can I import and remediate application vulnerabilities using TrueSight Vulnerability Management?

Yes, you can. However, you need to manually map the application vulnerabilities to the remediation content and then remediate them. Auto-mapping is not supported for these vulnerabilities.

 If I can only see my operations, how can a user on the second shift see the output of my work?

If the other user belongs to the same security group as you, that user can see the output of your work.

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