Deploy Templates

The Deploy Templates option specifies Deploy jobs in TrueSight Server Automation.

When you specify a deploy template, you identify a corresponding advanced BLPackage Deploy Job in TrueSight Server Automation that has settings you want to use in TrueSight Vulnerability Management. The settings for the Deploy jobs you specify can be used to define scheduling options for Patch Analysis Jobs that are created automatically as part of auto-remediation processes. BMC recommends that you create a stand-alone advanced Deploy Job that is only used as a deploy template. Having a dedicated Deploy Job prevents changes to a live Deploy Job in TrueSight Server Automation from affecting operations in TrueSight Vulnerability Management that are based on the Deploy Job. For more information about creating advanced BLPackage Deploy jobs, see Creating a Deploy Job in the TrueSight Server Automation documentation.

To choose a template, click Add and browse to a job. Select it and click OK.  Ctrl-click to select multiple jobs and then click OK.

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