Validating people information

You can validate self-service user information with the CTM:People form located on the BMC Virtual Chat server or any other BMC Remedy AR System server. If you configure user lookup in the Virtual Chat Administration Console, when a self-service user logs on to the Self Service Portal, BMC Virtual Chat looks up the user information in the CTM:People form and associates that information with the registered self-service user. That user information is stored in the Master Chat Record (MCR) and can be used to create or modify incidents.

To configure user lookup

  1. From the IT Home page, select Virtual Chat > Virtual Chat Administration Console.
  2. In the Integrations section, select Chat Integrations.
    The Remedy Chat Integrations pane appears.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • User Validation Server for ITSM: Type the server name.
    • Use Incident Management Validation: Select the check box to turn on validation.
  4. Save the changes, as follows:
    • Click OK to save the changes and close the console.
    • Click Apply to save the changes and keep the console open.

After a user successfully logs on to the Self Service Portal, the fields are validated against the hidden fields on the CTM:People form.

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