Updating field IDs for upgrades

If you are upgrading and have already installed and configured the BMC IT Service Management integration with BMC Virtual Chat, you must update the field IDs in the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create and HPD:Help Desk forms.


If you have a new installation and have not configured the BMC IT Service Management integration, see Modifying existing forms and workflows for new installations.

For server groups, perform the following procedures on the primary administration server. 

To update the field IDs using  the archgID utility:
  1. On the AR System server, locate the vaidchanges.txt file in the BMCVirtualAgentInstallDirectory\VirualAgentComponents\workflow\virtualagent\en\ directory.
  2. From a command window, run the archgID utility using the following syntax:

    pathOfARSystemFolder\archgid -x nameOfServer -t tcpPort -u userName -p password -c 10003 -F pathOfInputFile > pathOfLogFile

    Windows example: "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\archgid" -x calbroarserver -t tcpPort  -u Allen -p allenpassword -c 10003 -F "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCVirtualAgent\VirualAgentComponents\workflow\virtualagent\en\vaidchanges.txt" > c:\temp\log.txt

    Linux example: "/opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/archgid" -x name of server -t tcpPort -u user name -p password -c 10003 -F pathOfInputFile > pathOfLogFile"/opt/bmc/BMCVirtualAgent/VirualAgentComponents/workflow/virtualagent/en/vaidchanges.txt" 

    This update can several minutes depending your environment. 

  3. Continue to Importing the workflow
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