Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Single Sign-On for BMC Virtual Chat

The following section gives the troubleshooting steps when single sign-on does not work with the User Form authentication when BMC Remedy IT Service Management is not installed.

Single sign-on does not work for with User Form authentication

If single sign-on does not work for BMC Virtual Chat even after you have enabled the Authentication - Single Sign On (User Form) entry in the Self Service Portal Configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. From the IT Home page, select Virtual Chat > Virtual Chat Administration Console.
  2. Select Self Service Portal > Configuration
  3. Edit the Forms - Standard entry.
  4. In the <request_alias>usersso</request_alias> element, remove 'Login Name' = "[cnsparam:uid]" AND

    Original entry

                   <ar_form_condition>'Login Name' = "[cnsparam:uid]" AND 'Token' = "[cnsparam:token]"</ar_form_condition> 

    Updated entry

                   <ar_form_condition>'Token' = "[cnsparam:token]"</ar_form_condition> 

  5. Save the entry

  6. Refresh servlets.

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