Setting the Show Chat Log option

System administrators can select whether to show the Chat Log check box in the Self Service Portal. If this check box is displayed, self-service users can select this check box to show the entire chat log history. By default, the check box is displayed.

To set the Show Chat Log option

  1. Open the Virtual Chat Administration Console.
  2. Under Self Service Portal, click Configuration.
    The Self Service Portal Configuration pane appears.
  3. Select the Application Portal - Interface section and click Modify.
  4. In the <clcheckbox> element, type hide.
    This value removes the check box option to show the chat log. Leave the value of the element blank (or remove it completely) if you want the check box to be displayed.


    If the <clcheckbox> element is not in the Application Portal - Interface section, add it in any location.

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