Manually removing existing application workflow

When you import a new application, the existing workflow is not removed or renamed. Therefore, before you can import the new BMC Virtual Chat application, you must remove parts of the the existing workflow to ensure that extraneous workflow is not included in your system.

You must remove the following parts of the workflow:

  • Active links
  • Active link guides
  • Filters
  • Filter guides
  • Escalations

To remove existing workflow

  1. Log on to BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Open the Virtual Chat application in its own application window.
    This action ensures that you see only the workflow that belongs to the Virtual Chat application.


    To ensure that the application window that is open is for Virtual Chat, select Active Links. Only active links that belong to the Virtual Chat application should be displayed. Most of these links start with ES.

  3. Select all of the active links and delete them.


    If you have customized any active links, leave them in place and disable them instead. Then, you can review whether you still need the customizations.

  4. Repeat this process for active link guides, filters, filter guides, and escalations.
  5. Verify that all lists are empty with the exception of any workflow that you customized.
  6. Close the application window.
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