Importing the workflow

BMC supplies workflow definition files for you to import (as an application) into your system. Use the following procedure to import the definition file, which is located in the default location of BMCVirtualAgentInstallDirectory\VirualAgentComponents\workflow\virtualagent\en\.

For server groups, perform the following procedures on the primary administration server. 

To import the workflow

  1. To make the import faster, enable Development Cache Mode.Log on to BMC Remedy Developer Studio, and, if needed, change to Base Development Mode. 
    1. From IT Home, select AR System Administration >  AR System Administration Console.
    2. Select System > General > Server Information
    3. In the Configuration tab, enable Development Cache Mode, and click OK
      Dev Cache Mode enable  
  2. Select File > Import.
  3. In the Import window, select Application.


    This file is imported as an application, not a definition.

  4. Navigate to the BMCVirtualAgentInstallDirectory\VirualAgentComponents\workflow\virtualagent\en\ directory, select the DeployableApp_ITSM7x_SingleServerIntegrationWorkFlow_SingleServer_14_0219.def file, and click Next.

  5. In the Import Application window, set the following options:

    1. Enable Replace Objects on the Destination Server.

    2. Enable Delete Excess Fields.

    3. Enable Delete Excess View.

    4. Set Handle Conflicting Types to Replace with New Type.

  6. Click Finish .
    The import process can take several minutes to complete. The import time depends on your configuration.

  7. After the import completes, disable Development Cache Mode. 
  8. Clear  the cache on all BMC Remedy Mid Tier servers and restart the Apache Tomcat server.
    For more information, see About Mid Tier caching in the BMC Remedy AR System online documentation.

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