Creating service alerts

Service alerts are messages or warnings to users that are displayed when a user opens the Self Service Portal. Service alerts are typically about general service issues that affect a large group of users. For example, a system administrator might create a service alert to notify users that the mail server is down, or to notify users of a planned system outage. Users can monitor service alerts to get email notification when the service alert is updated.

To create a service alert

  1. Under General Settings in the Virtual Chat Administration Console, click Service Alerts.
    The Service Alerts pane appears.
  2. Click Create to create a new service alert or select an existing service alert and click Modify.
    The Service Alert dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the following information:
    • Company: Select the company to which the service alert pertains.
    • Service Alert Name: Type a descriptive name for the service alert.
    • Self Service Users: Select this check box to indicate that the alert is for self-service users. By default, this check box is selected.
    • Status: Set the status of the alert to Active or Inactive. To remove the alert from the system, select Delete.
    • In Effect: These options indicate whether the service alert is currently in effect. The value is set by the application and cannot be modified by the user.
    • Start Time: Enter the date and time when the alert becomes active. Click the date/time editor icon to use the calendar. If you do not specify the start time, the alert is displayed immediately.

      If you are creating an alert for a maintenance outage, you might set the start time earlier than the start of the scheduled outage. This way, self-service users will see the alert before the start of the scheduled outage.

    • Expires Time: Enter the date and time when the alert expires. Click the date/time editor icon to use the calendar.
    • Details tab : Type the detailed message of the service alert.
    • Customer Updates tab : Type an update to the service alert and then click Send Customer Update. All users receive the updated message.
    • Customers Monitoring This Alert tab : Open this tab to view which users are monitoring the alert.
  4. Save the changes as follows:
    • Click OK to save the changes and close the console.
    • Click Apply to save the changes and keep the console open.
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