Configuring the file

This is the fourth and final step in the manual installation process of BMC Virtual Chat on BMC Remedy Mid Tier, after manually copying files from the base foldermanually deploying the application files, and creating a proxy account.

In this step, you must add the BMC Remedy Action Request System Server (AR System server) and BMC Remedy Mid Tier credentials to the file.


For the changes to take effect, you must restart the AR System server and the Apache Tomcat server.

To configure the file

  1. On the mid tier, in the Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7.0\webapps directory, create a new folder and name it xfer.
  2. In the Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7.0\webapps\eschat\WEB-INF\classes directory, open the file.
  3. Add the following values to the file:

    Sample code:

            <ar_connectionerror>ERROR (90)</ar_connectionerror>

    The placeholders in the sample code are defined as follows:

    Update to tagDescription
    Enter the BMC Remedy AR System Server name.
    Enter the proxy user name in BMC Virtual Chat.
    Enter the password for proxy user in BMC Virtual Chat. This password will be encrypted after the file is initialized by Apache Tomcat server.


    Enter the BMC Remedy AR System TCP port number.
    Enter the value yes.
    Enter the name of this BMC Remedy Mid Tier server.
  4. Restart BMC Remedy AR System server.

  5. Restart Apache Tomcat server.

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