9.1.00 enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 9.1.00 of the BMC Virtual Chat product.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

VIP routing

You can now set up different levels of VIP routing:

  • Top of the queue - VIPs get served first in existing queues.
  • Specialized queue - If a VIP Queue matches the user's Company (or Global if the company is not used) and a user is a VIP user, then the support queue is set to VIP.  This overrides any other  support queue definitions. An agent who is assigned to the VIP queue also sees the general queue. For more information, see Setting up support queues.
  • Dedicated support - One or more agents can be dedicated to providing support to the VIP queue. The agents assigned to the VIP queue can see the general queue, but the agents assigned to the VIPX queue cannot see the general queue.

Open incidents and chats

Reduce duplicate incidents by selecting an open incident for the chat. To enable this feature, see Enabling relating chats to existing incidents.

Support Agent Console enhancements

Agents can write chat notes that are logged in the chat and the incident. These notes are not displayed to the customer. These notes become work log entries.


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