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This topic describes some of the ways that you can use automation control points with the Next Generation Technology Check for DB2 for z/OS (NGT Check) product.

NGT automation control points are integrated into all NGT products.

The presence of the NGTAUTO DD statement triggers automation control point processing:



The automation control point data set contains one member with each of the control points chosen for use.


If you do not include an NGTAUTO DD statement in your JCL, NGT Check uses the values specified in the +NGTAUTO1 or +NGTAUTO2 parameters (either specified in the configuration or overridden in the UTLPARMS DD).

BMC recommends that you use the following NGT automation control points with NGT Check, but you can also use other NGT automation control points as needed. For more information, see NGT Automation reference information .

Recommended NGT automation control points

Automation control point

Run by



Server jobs

Set global variables that multiple automation control points use


Master job

Stop a job before it starts

This automation control point is called before any processing starts.


Master job

Modify SYSIN

The master job calls XSUTSYIN before the parser reads SYSIN.


Master job

Cancel a job based on the time



Set volumes for initial allocation and to extend processing



Perform additional termination processing (for example sending an audit report)

The utility calls XSUTTERM after processing is complete.



Alerts a user, raises an error flag, or performs cleanup

The utility calls XSVRXERR if processing ends with an error condition.

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