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Requirements and restrictions

This topic provides information about how to run the NGT Check product.

NGT Check software requirement

The NGT Check product requires a minimum of version 12.1.00 of the BMC DB2 Solution Common Code (SCC).

Required authorizations for NGT Check

Using NGT Check requires the following authorizations:

  • On the database, COPY authority
  • For the user, SYSADM authority or DBADM authority

Status requirements for NGT Check

When running NGT Check, the index must be in RW status and cannot be in any restricted status.

Drain considerations

NGT Check is an online utility. All of the objects that it processes remain in RW mode during execution. NGT Check requires a drain before it can proceed with processing.
If NGT Check cannot acquire a drain before the time limit expires, the product issues message the following message. RETRY(0) indicates that NGT Check will make no more attempts to acquire the drain.

NGTC267 DRAIN(WTR) FAILED. DB(<databaseName>) SP(<objectSpaceName>) 
PART(<partitionNumber>) RETRY(0)

The global parameter +QRETRY(duration,numRetries) sets the duration and number of retries that the product performs in order to acquire the drain. The parameter is defined in the //UTLPARMS section of your JCL. 


NGT Check supports partition sizes (DSSIZE) greater than 64 GB except for the following PAGESIZE/DSSIZE combinations:



4 KB

128 GB

256 GB

8 KB

256 GB

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