Scheduling ETL for multiple sites

You can schedule ETL runs for multiple TrueSight Server Automation sites, however, ETL runs cannot occur in parallel. Only one ETL run can happen at a time. You can schedule ETL runs sequentially.

You can schedule ETL runs in one of the following ways:

  • On the reports server, schedule multiple calls to the run_etl.nsh script to different TrueSight Server Automation databases by using platform-specific operating system scheduling. 
    For information about setting up this scheduling, refer to your operating system documentation.
  • In the TrueSight Server Automation Console, configure a batch job that includes multiple calls to the run_etl_from_om.nsh script to different TrueSight Server Automation databases.

Ensure that these scheduling methods do not allow parallel ETL runs. Set up the schedules for sequential ETL runs.

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