Launching TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform as a reporting user

Do the following to launch the TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform as a reporting user.

  1. Enter the following URL in the address bar of a browser:
    https://<TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse hostname>:<portNumber>/tssa-dw

  2. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the credentials of the reporting user. By default, the password is hidden. To view the password, click .

  3. From the Site list, select a site. The Primary Site is the default site.
  4. From the Authentication Method list, select an authentication method. SRP is the default authentication method.
  5. Click LOG IN.
  6. In the Roles window, select the role that you want to use and click OK.

    Multiple roles can be assigned to you. However, you can use only one role at a time.

You are directed to the Home page of TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

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