Importing TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse private certificates in TrueSight Smart Repoting - Platform

You must import the TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse CA certificates in TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

Do the following:

  1. Log in to the system where TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform is installed.
  2. Stop the TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform service.
  3. Take a backup of the tsr.keystore file outside the installation directory. The tsr.keystore is located at this path:
    <TrueSight Smart Reporting Installation Directory>\TrueSightSmartReporting\appserver\conf
  4. Obtain the CA certificate chain certificates that signed the TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse certificate. The CA certificate chain contains one certificate file for each CA. For example, if the CA chain contains root, intermediate, and signing CAs, you should have three files each with a single certificate in it.
  5. Open the command prompt, and navigate to the following directory:
    <TrueSight Smart Reporting Installation Directory>\TrueSightSmartReporting\appserver\conf
  6. Import the CA-signed certificate of TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse in tsr.keystore by using the following command:

    keytool -importcert -file <ca_certs_file> -keystore <TrueSight _Smart Reporting_Platform_Installation_Directory>\TrueSightSmartReporting\appserver\conf\tsr.keystore -alias "myRootCA"
  7. Repeat these commands for each certificate in the CA chain using a unique alias for each entry.
  8. Start the  TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform service.
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