Importing scripts for running ETL and archiving data by using TrueSight Server Automation jobs

TrueSight Server Automation provides scripts for agent log data collection and running the ETL and archival processes by using TrueSight Server Automation jobs . This topic describes how to download and import the scripts.

To import the script to run ETL and archive data by using TrueSight Server Automation jobs

Do the following:

  1. Navigate to the <TSSA-DWInstallationDirectory>/bsa/content_installer directory on the server where you have installed TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse

  2. Copy the file to your TrueSight Server Automation application server.

  3. Extract the zip file to a temporary location on the TrueSight Server Automation application server:

    • (Windows%temp%
    • (Linux/tmp

  4. Open the command prompt and navigate to the directory where you have extracted the files.

  5. Start the Network Shell (NSH). Run the following command:


  6. Run the blcred utility to acquire credentials. Run the command with these parameters:

    • Profile Name: Name of the profile created on TrueSight Server Automation. For example, defaultProfile.
    • User Name: TrueSight Server Automation user. For example, BLAdmin.
    • Password: Password for the TrueSight Server Automation user

    blcred cred -acquire

  7. Run the following script:

    nsh load-bsara-nsh-script.nsh -v <authenticationProfileName>

    where <authenticationProfileName> is the authentication profile name for the local or remote Application Server.  
    Use this parameter if you do not want to use the default profile or there is no default profile.

  8. Use of the following options:
    • Load BDSSA Collect Agent Logs Scripts: Use this option if you want to create agent log collection jobs. This option imports the collect_agent_logs.nsh script. 
    • Load BDSSA ETL and Archival Scripts: Use this option if you want to create TrueSight Server Automation server NSH script jobs to run the ETL and archival processes. This option imports the run_etl_from_om.nsh and run_archival_from_om scripts. 
    • Load All: BMC recommends to use this option. This option imports the all the scripts.
    • Exit: Stops the execution of the load-bsara-nsh-script.nsh script.
  9. Verify that the script was executed successfully. See the content-install.log file in the contents_installer directory.

  10. Verify that the the scripts are imported. Do the following:

    1. Log in to the TrueSight Server Automation console.

    2. Navigate to BladeLogic\Depot\BladeLogic Reports Scripts\Collect Agent Logs and verify that the Collect Agent Logs Script entry is present.

    3. Navigate to BladeLogic\Depot\BladeLogic Reports Scripts\Run ETL from OM and verify that the Run ETL From OM Script entry is present.

    4. Navigate to BladeLogic\Depot\BladeLogic Reports Scripts\Run BDSSA Archival and verify that the Run BDSSA Archival Script entry is present.

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