Introduction to TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation

TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation is a web-based reporting application that provides reporting capabilities related to your data-center servers that are managed by BMC. 

TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation contains the following components:

  • TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse - A TrueSight Server Automation component that works as the ETL engine and the data warehouse.
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - A reporting platform to display reports from the data that is generated by TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse.

Reports are generated on the data collected by the TrueSight Server Automation database. In addition to the out-of-the-box reports, you can also create your own custom reports.

Introduction to TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse

TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse uses rich data warehouse schema and dimensional modeling principles to access the historical data captured by TrueSight Server Automation. This works as the ETL engine and the data warehouse.

Introduction to TrueSight Smart Reporting

TrueSight Smart Reporting is an advanced reporting platform that generates reports in a view that is simple to understand and configure. TrueSight Smart Reporting19.01 is used with TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse to generate reports. TrueSight Smart Reporting contains the following components:

  • Repository database
  • Reporting platform

Reporting platform

TrueSight Smart Reporting is an advanced reporting platform that uses Yellowfin as the reporting tool. With TrueSight Smart Reporting, you can generate and render reports with a simple drag-and-drop action. TrueSight Smart Reporting uses Postgre SQL, Oracle, or SQL Server as the repository database. Reports are generated for each component that is registered in TrueSight Smart Reporting.

Repository database

The repository database acts as the central repository for all the reporting metadata that can be used by the registered components. TrueSight Smart Reporting uses one of the following repository databases:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Document organization

Use the information in this section to understand the primary milestones for getting orientated with the TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation  product documentation.

Release notes and notices 1

Changes, enhancements, and open issues that affect installing and upgrading the product.

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Getting startedOverview of the product and its functional architecture, as well as the functional architecture of the individual components.
Planning 1Information about preparing your environment for deploying the product.
Installing 1Procedures that describe how to install and configure the product.
Uninstalling 1Information about uninstalling the product.
Using 1Information about using the features in the product.
Administering 1Information about administering the product.
Troubleshooting 1Information to help you identify and resolve problems associated with the products. Also provides PDF files of the documentation, and FAQs about the online documentation and the solution.

Upgrade Assistance

The BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) program is designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”.
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