Database Administrator privileges (sys account privileges) are required to create tablespaces and users for the data warehouse. Only a sys user can grant dbms_lob permission to a user and this permission is required for a data warehouse user. The following table lists the various Oracle database permissions that are required. The table also lists alternatives to granting the permissions, if available.

PrivilegeUsed duringWhy it is usedAlternative method






Restore Utility

The Archival/Restore privilege calls the Oracle Data pump utility through a stored procedure. These permissions are needed where:

  • Logical directories are created
  • Data pump creates archived data files in the directory


You can grant the privilege before Archival/Restore and then revoke after Archival/Restore.

EXECUTE ON DBMS_LOBApplication usage (For example, ETL, reports)The Warehouse database schema has a few tables with the CLOB datatype column. Both extract, transform, and load (ETL) and reports require DBMS_LOB privileges to access and manipulate specific part of Lobs.None.
GRANT UNLIMITED TABLESPACE TO BSARA_DATA,BSARA_INDEX,BSARA_ETL_STAGE, etcApplication usage (ETL)To have enough space to load data through ETL.None.
CREATE PROCEDUREApplication usage (ETL) To create a standalone stored procedure or a call specification.None.

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