With Drill Through reports, you can click a hyperlink to another report and get a deeper insight into your data. You can create Drill Through reports by creating parent-child relationships between the reports that you want to link.

You can link reports by using filters in the child reports.

To create Drill Through reports

Do the following:

  1. While creating a report, set the filter value to User Prompt. Do the following to set the filter value:
    1. Log in to TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse. The TrueSight Smart Reporting Home page appears.

      1. To view the home page for the console on Microsoft Windows or UNIX systems, click Start > Programs > TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse > Console.
        Alternatively, you can enter the following address into a web browser: 

        • reportsServer is the server that hosts TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse
        • portNumber is the web server secure port that you specified during installation. 
      2. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the user credentials. By default, the password is hidden. To view the password, click .

      3. In Site, select a site. The Primary Site is the default site.
      4. In Authentication Method, select a authentication method. SRP is the default authentication method.
      5. Click LOG IN.
      6. In the Roles window, select the role you want to use and click OK. Through role-based access control (RBAC), you can be granted multiple roles, but you can use only one role at a time.

    2. Click  and click Report.
    3. Select one of your views.
    4. In the view pane, drag and drop a field to the Columns field.

    5. Drag and drop a field to the Filters area. Ensure that you have dropped this field in the Columns field also.

    6. Click the  icon in the field that you dropped in the Filters area.
    7. Hover over Value, and then select User Prompt.
    8. Click Publish.

  2. Create parent-child relationships between the reports that you want to link. Do the following to create parent-child relationships:
    1. Ensure the following:
      • The reports that you want to link exists. See Creating reports 1 for instructions on creating a report.
      • You have set the filter values of the reports to User Prompt.
    2. Open the report that you want to use as the parent.
    3. Click Edit, and then click Data.
    4. On the message, click Ok.
    5. In the Analysis style area, click Drill Through. The Related Content tab appears.
    6. Click the Related Content tab.
    7. In the Drill Through area, drag and drop the report that you want to use as the child report.
    8. In the Join Type area, click Drill Through.
    9. In the Joins area, in Master Field, select the filter that will be a hyperlink to open the child report.
      Under Child Filter, you can see the filter that you created in the child report.
    10. In Hyperlink field, select the field in the parent report that will be a hyperlink to open the child report. 
    11. If you want to open the child report in a new window, click the Popup New Window option, and click Update.
    12. Publish the report. In the published report, you can see the hyperlink on the field that you selected.
    13. Click the hyperlink. You can see the child report that you joined with the parent report.

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