You can design your own dashboards to quickly access reports that you or other TrueSight Smart Reporting users have created. Your dashboard can have high-level reports that you can drill down for details.

You can create your dashboards and organize them by tabs. Dashboard tabs can be of the following types:

  • Standard. This tab includes features such as linked filters and series.
  • KPI. This tab includes only KPI reports. Some features such as filters and linked series are disabled in this tab.
  • Pre-Built. This is a tab that is created by another TrueSight Smart Reporting user, and is not displayed on your Home page. You can select this tab to display on your Home page. The tabs that you create become available as pre-built tabs for other users.

For more information, see Open link (

See the following table for details:

GoalWhere to go
Getting an overview about dashboards

Dashboard Open link


Creating a tab

Creating a Tab Open link


Using a tab

Using a Tab Open link


Understanding and using the KPI tab

KPI Tab Open link


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