Performance and scalability recommendations

This section contains guidelines and recommendations to help you size an environment and identify the appropriate architecture and hardware for TrueSight Smart Reporting deployments.

Hardware sizing

Report EngineReporting databaseTrueSight Smart Reporting server
Environment sizeNumber of Report Engine serversNumber of CPUsMemory in GBNumber of CPUsMemory in GBNumber of CPUsMemory in GB

Sizing data

Input dataTotal data in table
Environment sizeAttributesDevicesData points collected per hourStats data (7 hours)Hourly data (90 days)Daily data (400 days)
Small510050 thousand8.4 million5.4 million1 million
Medium1010001 million168 million108 million20 million
Large301000030 million5 billion3 billion600 million


The calculation for data points collection is as given below:

attributes * instances (assumed 5 instances on avg) * devices * polling cycle (3 mins = 20 points)


For a large environment: 30 * 5 * 10000 * 20 = 30M

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  1. Cassie Derrick

    I found Linux listed under System Requirements but only Windows is listed here. Are the requirements different for the Linux platform?

    Jun 18, 2019 11:23
    1. Mukta Kirloskar


      These were tested on Windows. However, the R&D team is working on PSR for this product. We will update this page once their testing is done.

      Thank you

      Jun 12, 2020 02:43
  2. Nikhil Shetty

    TrueSight Smart Reporting and TrueSight Operations Management Reporting share the same database instance, with separate schema -> Can you share the schema specifications for Smart reporting ?

    Sep 04, 2019 09:48
    1. Mukta Kirloskar


      I have taken this request as a Request for Enhancement. I will update the document once I get the required information.


      Jun 12, 2020 02:42