You can use TrueSight Smart Reporting to generate reports with a simple drag-and-drop action. TrueSight Smart Reporting uses TrueSight Operations Management Reporting as its platform to administer, compile, and publish reports, and uses Oracle or SQL Server as the application database.  The Report Engine is a Java application that collects event, impact, and performance data from TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. , and compiles the data. The Report Engine periodically summarizes performance data, and calculates impact metrics using the events data.

TrueSight Smart Reporting integrates TrueSight Operations Management with Yellowfin, a third-party business intelligence and reporting tool. For information about Yellowfin, see the  Yellowfin documentation Open link  (http://wiki.yellowfin.bi/display/USER74/Home).

Use the information in this section to understand the primary milestones for getting orientated with the  TrueSight Smart Reporting  product documentation.

GoalWhere to go
Where do I begin?

Refer to TrueSight Smart Reporting key concepts to begin your learning.

Install and configure after installation

Refer to the Planning and Installing sections to complete the tasks for installation.

UseRefer to the Using section to perform non-admin tasks.

Refer to the Administering section to perform the admin tasks.


Refer to the Troubleshooting section to obtain information about resolving errors that might occur while installing, administering, or using TrueSight Smart Reporting .

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