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This section provides information about what is new or changed with the deployment of component products that make up the TrueSight Operations Management solution, including urgent issues, documentation updates, feature packs, and fix packs. 




March 5, 202111.3.02: PatchAnnouncing the release of TrueSight Smart Reporting version 11.3.02.
July 11, 201811.3.01 features

This release provides new features and enhancements, including support for new OS versions.


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Getting started





Review system requirements and plan for the deployment of the product components



Install and configure solution components products



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TrueSight Presentation Server

TrueSight console



TrueSight Infrastructure Management



TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor



TrueSight IT Data Analytics

The following illustration shows the documentation available for the TrueSight Operations Management solution and provides links to the documentation. You can access a documentation space by clicking the corresponding box or use the Search box to locate a specific topic.

To quickly access the documentation for any of the component products in the TrueSight Operations Management solution, click a box in the following illustration.


The TrueSight Operations Management solution comprises several component products. Your licensing determines the products that you are entitled to download and install. Documentation for each component product is available in a separate documentation space in the BMC Online Documentation Portal.

Use the search boxes to search the documentation sets that compose the TrueSight Operations Management solution.

TrueSight Operations Management

Frequently asked questions


This section answers some frequently asked questions about TrueSight Smart Reporting.

To read frequently asked questions about TrueSight Operations Management Reporting, see  Frequently asked questions. Open link

TrueSight Smart Reporting licensing

Is TrueSight Smart Reporting included in perpetual licenses?

Yes. However, you must download the license file from the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website. For more information, see this knowledge article Open link .

Do I require a license key for TrueSight Smart Reporting?

The TrueSight Smart Reporting license key is included in the TrueSight Smart Reporting installer. However, if the license expires, you must manually install a new license. For instructions on installing a new license, see  this knowledge article Open link .

Can I integrate TrueSight Smart Reporting with other data sources, or must I integrate it only with TrueSight Operations Management?

No. The TrueSight Smart Reporting license terms allow you to generate reports with the data gathered by the Report Engine. You cannot integrate TrueSight Smart Reporting directly with external data sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, or XMS files, or with any other databases.

Platform administration

Does TrueSight Smart Reporting support the disaster recovery mode or a high-availability architecture?

No. TrueSight Smart Reporting does not support the disaster recovery mode or a high-availability architecture.

Can I use existing an existing application of Yellowfin, for example Remedy Smart Reporting, for TrueSight Smart Reporting?

No. You must use the Yellowfin application that is provided in TrueSight Smart Reporting because:

  • TrueSight Smart Reporting integrates with TrueSight Presentation Server, and you can use TrueSight Smart Reporting only when you add it as a component in the TrueSight console.
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting has TrueSight Presentation Server web services installed to communicate with the TrueSight Presentation Server.

Report Administration

How do I migrate Reports from BMC Reporting Foundation to TrueSight Smart Reporting?

BMC Reporting Foundation 4.1 reports cannot be migrated to TrueSight Smart Reporting. You can create new reports in TrueSight Smart Reporting.

How many out-of-the-box reports does TrueSight Smart Reporting provide?

TrueSight Smart Reporting provides 1 sample report - the Server Health Report.

How can I promote a report from one environment to another?

The reporting administrator can export and import reports and other definitions by using an XML-based import-export feature available inTrueSight Smart Reporting.

Can I export report data in the XML format so that it could be consumed by a third-party integration?

No. TrueSight Smart Reporting does not support exporting the report data into XML format. You can export only the report definition into the XML format, which may The reporting administrator can export and import reports and other definitions by using an XML-based import-export feature available inTrueSight Smart Reporting, which may not be compatible with other tools. When you export reports to other formats such as CSV, Excel, and PDF, the reports contain the report data and not the report definition.

Can I create a template for report formatting settings and reuse it for other reports?

Administrators can set format settings at the server level that apply to all reports by default. Currently, there is no concept of a template for report formatting.

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  1. Barry Derr

    Where can I find the TrueSight Smart Reporting 11.3 PDF that I can download? Finding PDF's in general seems time consuming on the BMC sites.

    Sep 24, 2019 08:22
    1. Mukta Kirloskar

      Hello Barry,

      You can use the following page to download a ready-made PDF:

      We will definitely consider your feedback about the finding PDFs on BMC sites.

      Thank you!

      Sep 24, 2019 09:28
      1. Utkarsh Kamat Shankhwalkar

        Clicking on the PDF link just takes me to the page which states "The page you were trying to reach in the TrueSight Smart Reporting 11.3 technical documentation could not be found."

        Feb 12, 2020 11:33
  2. Giles Day

    Is TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation 19.01 (under product verison) the next version of Truesight Smart Reporting 11.3.01?

    Feb 11, 2020 02:06
    1. Mukta Kirloskar

      Hello Giles,

      Versions 11.3 and 19.3 are different products. Version 19.3 is not a later version of 11.3.

      Thank you.

      Jun 12, 2020 01:26