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This section answers some frequently asked questions about TrueSight Smart Reporting.

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Can I use existing an existing application of Yellowfin, for example Remedy Smart Reporting, for TrueSight Smart Reporting?

No. You must use the Yellowfin application that is provided in TrueSight Smart Reporting because:

  • TrueSight Smart Reporting integrates with TrueSight Presentation Server, and you can use TrueSight Smart Reporting only when you add it as a component in the TrueSight console.
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting has TrueSight Presentation Server web services installed to communicate with the TrueSight Presentation Server.

How do I migrate Reports from BMC Reporting Foundation to TrueSight Smart Reporting?

BMC Reporting Foundation 4.1 reports cannot be migrated to TrueSight Smart Reporting. You can create new reports in TrueSight Smart Reporting.

How many out-of-the-box reports does TrueSight Smart Reporting provide?

TrueSight Smart Reporting provides 1 sample report - the Server Health Report.

Is TrueSight Smart Reporting included in perpetual licenses?

No, TrueSight Smart Reporting is not included in perpetual licenses because it is a new offering from BMC.

Do I require a license key for TrueSight Smart Reporting?

No. The TrueSight Smart Reporting license key is included in the TrueSight Smart Reporting installer.

Does TrueSight Smart Reporting support the disaster recovery mode or a high-availability architecture?

No. TrueSight Smart Reporting does not support the disaster recovery mode or a high-availability architecture.

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