Deployment architecture

TrueSight Smart Reporting provides a dynamic platform to display reports from the data that is stored in the Reporting database. The TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine aggregates events and processes data from the TrueSight Operations Management system. The processed data is stored in the Reporting database.

Note the following points when you plan a deployment of TrueSight Smart Reporting :

  • The TrueSight Smart Reporting installer can be used for multiple data sources, such as TrueSight Infrastructure Management or TrueSight Capacity Optimization .
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting integrates with the TrueSight Presentation Server , and can be registered as a component on the TrueSight Presentation Server .
  • The TrueSight Presentation Server , TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine, TrueSight Operations Management Reporting database, and TrueSight Smart Reporting must be installed on separate computers.
  • The TrueSight Smart Reporting repository must be installed on the same TrueSight Operations Management Reporting database, with a different user.

TrueSight Smart Reporting deployment

The following diagram displays a typical deployment of  TrueSight Smart Reporting . The following diagram displays a typical deployment of TrueSight Server Automation. The dataflow is explained below the diagram.


You can  download this presentation (pptx) and view it as a slide show for an interactive experience.

TrueSight Smart Reporting data flow

  1. The Remote Cell propagates events data and the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server propagates events to the TrueSight Operations Management  Report Engine, and the Report Engine pulls the performance data.
  2. The Report Engine aggregates and summarizes the data.
  3. The Reporting database acts as the data warehouse for the Report Engine.
  4. TrueSight Smart Reporting  creates and publishes reports.
  5. The TrueSight Presentation Server authenticates and authorizes users, and launches TrueSight Smart Reporting .

Deployment scenarios

TrueSight Smart Reporting  can be deployed for the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Collecting only Event and Impact data from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server

For event and impact reporting, the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server propagates events and component status changes from one or multiple TrueSight Infrastructure Management Cells into single TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine


Scenario 2: Collecting Event, Impact, and Performance data from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server

To collect event, impact, and performance data, you must use separate TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine for each instance of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


If you want to collect only performance data, do not register the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Cell.


Scenario 3: Collecting data from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server and Remote Cell 

Register the remote cell to receive event and impact data. However, to collect data from the remote cell, you must have at least one instance of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server configured with the Report Engine.


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