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With TrueSight Smart Reporting, you can generate and administer performance, impact, and event data reports with a simple drag-and-drop action. TrueSight Smart Reporting uses Oracle or SQL Server as the application database. Reports are generated on the data collected by the TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine.

TrueSight Operations Management systems propagate events and component status changes from TrueSight Infrastructure Managementto the Report Engine. The Report Engine then aggregates and summarizes the events and component status changes, and stores the processed data in the Reporting Database. The impact reports are supplemented with associated service information.

The following figure depicts the architecture of TrueSight Operations Management Reporting with port numbers used by the respective components:


For information about deployment scenarios, see Deployment architecture.

TrueSight Operations Management Reporting consists of the following components:

  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • TrueSight Operations Management Reporting Database
  • Report Engine
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

TrueSight Infrastructure Management is an integrated platform that combines event management and data analytics in a single seamless solution. Data analytics includes baselines, abnormality detection, and Root Cause Analysis algorithms. Event management provides a real-time solution for proactive detection and resolution of IT problems before they have an impact on critical IT systems. Data analytics provide the ability to combine information associated with an area of interest and drill down into specific details. The goal of data analytics is to provide the ability to research and better understand, tune, and modify the selected area.

Events, their statuses, and other related event messages in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management environment are represented in the Operations Console. For more information, see the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Open link documentation.

Reporting database

The TrueSight Operations Management Reporting database acts as a central repository for all the event, impact, and performance data for one or multiple Report Engines. The Reporting database can be either Oracle or SQL Server.For more information about Reporting database high-level schema details, see Reporting database high level schema details.

Report Engine

The Report Engine is a Java application that collects event, impact, and performance data from TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. , and compiles the data. The Report Engine periodically summarizes performance data, and calculates impact metrics using the events data.

TrueSight Smart Reporting

The Report Engine uses TrueSight Smart Reporting, which allows you to create performance and event reports with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. For more information, see the  TrueSight Smart Reporting documentation Open link  .

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