11.3.01 features

This section contains information about the features in this version of  TrueSight Smart Reporting .

Customized reports

TrueSight Smart Reporting  enables you to create customized reports with a drag-and-drop action. See Creating reports for more information.

The Server Health report is a sample report that is provided out of the box in TrueSight Smart Reporting . You can customize this report to suit your needs.

See The Server Health report for more information.

Drill Through reports

With Drill Through reports, you can click a hyperlink to another report and get a deeper insight into your data. You can create Drill Through reports by creating parent-child relationships between the reports that you want to link.

See Creating Drill Through reports for more information.

Integration with TrueSight Presentation Server

You must add  TrueSight Smart Reporting  as a component in the TrueSight console to access TrueSight Smart Reporting .

See  Adding and editing components Open link  for more information.

Role-based access

You can assign roles and permissions to  TrueSight Smart Reporting  users. You can also restrict users from viewing reports from specific devices and Configuration Items (CI).

See Restricting access in TrueSight Smart Reporting for more information.

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