Getting Started

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform is a web-based reporting platform that provides reporting capabilities for your servers. Your servers serve as data sources for TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform, and are called 'components' for the platform.

The following components are available in this release of TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform:

  • TrueSight Server Automation - Data Warehouse. For more information, see  the TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation documentation .
  • TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse. For more information, see  the TrueSight Network Automation Reporting documentation .

For information about the compatible version of components, see Component compatibility matrix.


TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform is an advanced reporting platform that generates reports in a view that is simple to understand and configure. 

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform reports are generated on the data collected by the component. The component is the data source forTrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

In addition to the out-of-the-box reports, you can also create your own custom reports. TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform contains the following elements:

  • Reporting platform— TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform uses Yellowfin as the reporting tool. With TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform, you can generate and render reports with a simple drag-and-drop action. 
  • Repository database—The repository database acts as the central repository for all the reporting metadata. TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform uses one of the following repository databases:
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server

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