This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job - General

The General panel lets you provide information that identifies a Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job and options for discovering, registering, and importing properties for virtual machines.

Job Settings

Choose from the following options:

  • Run Virtual Infrastructure Update — Ensures that the TrueSight Server Automation inventory is consistent with the actual virtual environment. This option updates the properties for all virtual entities that are present in the Server workspace of the TrueSight Server Automation inventory. If there is a discrepancy between servers available in the TrueSight Server Automation inventory and servers which are present in the virtual environment, then the servers are listed under the Missing Servers node of the Job Results. The Missing Servers node lists the servers which are present in the TrueSight Server Automation inventory but do not exist in the actual virtual environment. Selecting this option also enables the Run Virtual Infrastructure Discovery and Auto-Register... options.
  • Run Virtual Infrastructure Discovery— Selecting this option discovers servers in the target virtual environment. The option is selected by default. This option includes the following sub-options:
    • Auto-Register Discovered ESX hosts/Virtual Systems — Selecting this option automatically registers any discovered virtual machines that are not currently being managed by TrueSight Server Automation. This option connects to the targets selected in the job (the vCenter servers, global zones, IBM frame server) and retrieves all the virtual systems, non-Global Zones, or LPARs. It then compares the discovered systems to the list of TrueSight Server Automation enrolled servers and registers the systems in TrueSight Server Automation if they are not already registered. Selecting this option also sets the IS_VIRTUAL job property to True for all virtual machines and zones which are registered by the Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job.

      The Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job registers discovered servers with the server name, even if the server is registered with the IP address under the Server workspace.

    • Discover Unregistered Virtual System Templates (VMware platforms only) — Unregistered templates are templates which are present on the datastores but not registered with the vCenter. Selecting this option discovers these unregistered templates on the target vCenter server and presents the list in the Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job results view, under Unregistered Templates.
    • Discover Unregistered Virtual Systems (VMware platforms only) — Select this option to discover any virtual machines that are not registered in the vCenter or TrueSight Server Automation. Selecting this option enables the Auto Remediate Unregistered Virtual Systems option, which moves the unregistered virtual machines to a vCenter server that you specify.

      Ensure that the name of the vCenter (enrolled in TrueSight Server Automation) matches the name of the CONNECTION_URL property specified when the vCenter server was added to TrueSight Server Automation.

General options

The Import Lifecycle Properties option imports the server lifecycle properties for a virtual system from a pre-defined mapping file. The selected XML file contains a list of mappings for the targets and VMware vCenter servers against which the Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job is run.

Selecting this option imports only the three supported lifecycle properties (OWNER, EXPIRY_DATE, LOCATION) for all registered virtual machines (lifecycle properties are not imported for ESX Hosts).

The life cycle properties can be imported in one of the following scenarios:

  • If the Auto-register discovered ESX Hosts/Virtual Systems option is selected.
  • If the Auto Remediate Unregistered Virtual Systems option is selected.
  • If the Run Virtual Infrastructure Update option is selected.

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Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job - Targets

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