This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

2021-06-15_06-18-28_Version Patch 1 for version 8.9.03

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in Patch 1 (product version, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.

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For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

Build information

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Build number

EPD version number

Release date

Patch 3 for Service Pack 4 for version 8.9 6, 2019
Patch 2 for Service Pack 4 for version 8.9 18, 2019
Patch 1 for Service Pack 4 for version 8.9 21, 2019
Service Pack 4 for version 8.9

8.9.04January 28, 2019
Patch 1 for version 8.9 Service Pack 3 5, 2018
Service Pack 3 for version 8.9

8.9.03June 11, 2018


The following topics describe the updates and enhancements included in this patch:


Agent side changes to directory structure and log file location for Windows patching

The following changes are done:

  • A single base directory (RSCD\Transactions\shavlik) for Windows patch deployments is created. Inside this directory, there are sub-directories, for example,
    • Logs - for deployment logs
    • Installation - as the root directory where all installation sandbox environments are created
    • Patches - for unprocessed deployment status event files

  • Logs of every deployment are available in STDeploy.log rolling file in RSCD\Transactions\shavlik\Logs directory. The information in the STDeploy.log is appended for various deployments. The rollover policy specified for this file by Ivanti is 5MBx2, and is not configurable as of now. Thus, the maximum number of log entries can be in two files (STDeploy.log and STDeploy.log.1, each of size 5MB). After that, the current STDeploy.log will be rolled over to STDeploy.log.1 and the earlier STDeploy.log.1 is deleted automatically. For more information, Logs for Deploy Jobs.
  • You can add the following three new properties to tx_config.cfg in the Transactions folder to configure sleep delay and retry attempts for patches that require reboot.
    • PostRebootActionRetrySleepSecs
    • PostRebootItemwiseActionRetryAttempts
    • PostRebootUnifiedActionRetryAttempts

For more information, see Configuring the location of the transactions directory.

PatchingAIX analysis for emergency fix

Earlier, patch analysis job on AIX failed if an emergency or interim fix (eFix/iFix) is installed on the target machine. To run the analysis job, you had to remove the eFix/iFix and restart the target machine .

Now, you can execute patch analysis job on AIX even if an eFix/iFix is installed on the target machine. However, the eFix must be part of a service pack. If the eFix on the target server machine is not part of a service pack, BMC recommends you to remove the eFix and execute the analysis job.

A new Analyse with efix/ifix checkbox has been added to Patching Job - Analysis options for AIX. For more information, see Patching Job - Analysis options for AIX and Creating an AIX Patching Job.

A new PatchingJob - createAixPatchingJobWithTargetServer_4 BLCLI command has also been added.

EncryptionAES-256 encryption method for hypervisors

A new AES-256 encryption method is added with the existing BlEncrypt method. Password strings, that are stored on the application server and sent to RSCD agent, where it is used through deploy job are encrypted by using AES-256 encryption method. Virtualization support in TrueSight Server Automation is the primary use case for which passwords are stored on application servers and agent hosting hypervisors.

In TrueSight Server Automation, this is available for the following virtualization platforms:

A new Encryption Type list is added to 'Encrypted String' type property. The list has two values:

  • BLNative (Default value)
  • AES 256

To use AES-256 encryption method, go to Configuration > Property Dictionary View > instances tab and modify the Password property of the selected instance.

When you select AES 256, you receive a message that recommends to use this option only for Hypervisors authentication. For more information about the message, see Acceptable data types for properties.

Note:  AES-256 encryption method is not supported from command line interface (CLI), for example, Virtualization - addVMwareVCAMO.

DatabaseGRANT RESOURCE permissions removedYou do not need GRANT RESOURCE permissions to create tables and procedures in the database schema. You only need the individual granular privileges. For the list of required database permissions, click here.
BLCLINew or updated BLCLI commands

The following commands have been added or updated.

For more information, see BLCLI commands added or updated in version.


BMC Remedy OnDemand integration

You can now integrate BMC Remedy OnDemand with TrueSight Server AutomationTrueSight Server Automation. For more information, see Integrating TrueSight Server Automation with BMC Remedy OnDemand.


BMC Discovery version update

Starting with version, TrueSight Server Automation supports integration of BMC Discovery 11.3 with TrueSight Server Automation.

For more information, see Setting up TrueSight Server Configuration Discovery.

Third-party software updateSupport for IBM Power 8 architectureStarting with version, TrueSight Server Automation added SuSE 12 support for IBM Power 8 architecture.

Third-party software update

JRE version updated to 1.8 Update 181

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version shipped with TrueSight Server Automation has been updated to 1.8.0_181 (JRE 1.8 Update 181).

For more information about other third-party software versions, see Third-party software.

Downloading the patch

Patch 1 for version 8.9.03 includes full installers for all components. You can download the files for version from the TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 download page at the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website.

For full download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

For a list of installation programs by OS, see Installation programs for TrueSight Server Automation.

Installing the patch as a fresh product installation

If you are installing this patch as a fresh product installation, do one of the following:

Upgrading to the patch

The following figure illustrates the supported upgrade paths to TrueSight Server Automation

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For upgrade instructions, see Upgrading and Walkthrough: Upgrading using the configurator and individual component installers.

To upgrade, do one of the following:

Note: Upgrading the TrueSight Server Automation console

When you upgrade the TrueSight Server Automation Application Server to version, you must upgrade the TrueSight Server Automation Console to version

Using with BMC Decision Support for Server Automation 8.9

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation version 8.9.00 is not compatible with TrueSight Server Automation version BMC Decision Support for Server Automation users must install a hotfix on BMC Decision Support for Server Automation 8.9, before installing or upgrading to TrueSight Server Automation For more information about the hotfix, see  Prerequisites  in the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation documentation.

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