This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Using silent mode to install the TrueSight Server Automation Console (Linux and UNIX)

You can perform an unattended (silent) installation of the TrueSight Server Automation Console (RCP Client) on Linux and UNIX systems.

You might use this type of installation if you are pushing out the console to servers and you want to install the console on multiple computers.

Before you begin

To install the console in silent mode

  1. In a text editor, create an options file and add the options for the installation that you want to run. For example:

    -P installLocation=<installDirectory>
    -A featureClientUtilities
    -A featureNetworkShell
    -A featureConfigurationManagerConsole

    -P sets the installation directory for the product. For example: -P installLocation=/opt/bmc/bladelogic
    -A specifies the products and features you want to install. You do not have to include all features. However, you must include the NetworkShell feature in addition to the ConfigurationManagerConsole feature.
    -J IS_NETWORK_SHELL_RESOURCE_FILE_CHECKBOX_SELECTED=[true|false] specifies whether to include the .nsh/etc/skel files. By default, a silent installation does not include these files. Set this option to true to install those files. If you do not include this option, the default is false.
    • Each option must be on one line.
    • Values for options can contain spaces.
  2. Change directory to the location where the installer resides.
  3. Run the installation program with the -i silent option.
    <BSACONSOLEversion-platform> -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<silentOptionsFilePath>"
    Use an absolute path to the options file. Enclose the path in double quotation marks (" ").
    For example, to use silent mode to install the console on a Linux system:
    ./BSACONSOLE86-LIN32.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="/tmp/silentInstUnix_opt.txt"
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