This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Troubleshooting the Application Server

This topic presents information about troubleshooting the Application Server.

For additional performance issues, see Application Server performance recommendations.

Troubleshooting Presentation

The following video and presentation file (.ppt) are from a live demo that reviewed the BMC Server Automation Application Server troubleshooting steps, along with best practices. 

Application Server thread states

Details about the state of threads that are run by the Application Server can help you troubleshoot problems in the Application Server. You can obtain thread details from the following sources:

The following table describes several common thread states and suggests actions to take in the case of problematic states:

Thread stateDescription

The thread is actively working.

This is a normal state and it does not indicate a problem.


The thread is waiting for another action to complete.

This is a normal state and does not indicate a problem.


The thread is blocked by another action and cannot resume until that other action completes.

If the thread remains in this state for a long time, then this state indicates a problem. Save a copy of the thread dump and contact BMC Support.


The thread is stuck and cannot complete its task within the defined timeout period.

This state indicates a problem. Save a copy of the thread dump and contact BMC Support.

The following video presents a few methods of obtaining the Application Server thread dump, which you can use to troubleshoot performance issues — either by generating an Application Server status report when generating data for support, or by accessing the Infrastructure Management window and copying or exporting the thread data.

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