This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Specifying configuration options

Use this procedure to specify various configuration options.

To specify configuration options

  1. On the Application Server that hosts the web services, start the blasadmin utility and type configuration commands using the following format:

    set WebServices parameter value




    True to run only released BLCLI commands. False to run both released and unreleased BLCLI commands. Example: set WebServices WebServiceRunReleasedCommandsOnly true


    The value which, when attained, puts the web services system in "full throttle" mode. When the system is in full throttle mode, it queues up future requests and releases them as slots become available. Note that any session actively executing a BLCLI command counts towards the MaxWebServicesSessions number. Example: set WebServices MaxWebServicesSessions 30


    The frequency (in milliseconds) at which a service context is updated to make it more current. This number is the sleep time of a thread--the minimum time guaranteed for a thread to sleep. When the thread becomes active depends on priority and thread pool availability. Example: set WebServices TouchTimeForService 5000


    Web services time out interval in milliseconds. The system purges any inactive session that exceeds the time specified by TimeOutInterval. Example: set WebServices TimeOutInterval 300000


    The maximum number of sessions a user can actively log on. This parameter is designed to prevent a DOS attack that could bring down the Application Server. If a user logs in more then 50 times and has active sessions with the user's credential, the system views this as a DOS attack and starts denying any additional requests from this user. Example: set WebServices MaxSessionsPerUser 50


    Default REST version to use for consuming/generating REST requests/responses. Specify a TrueSight Server Automation version (for example, 8.5.01 or 8.6.0). The default value is blank, which specifies use of the latest TrueSight Server Automation schema for processing REST calls.

  2. Restart the Application Server.

For more information see Administering.

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