This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Removing irrelevant patches from an existing catalog

The cleanup process enables you to remove from the catalog any patches that do not match specified filters, along with their dependencies. This topic includes the following sections:

About the patch states

Be aware of the following patch states:

  • Obsolete patches are patches that have been replaced by newer patches from their respective vendors. When you open an outdated Bulletin (through the Bulletins smart group), often you will see a selected Obsolete check box along with a Superseded By list of new patches that should be considered instead. Obsolete patches cannot be removed from the Catalog, as they are still valid, unless they are no longer available for download (in which case they are irrelevant).
  • Irrelevant patches are patches that are left behind for filters that were removed from the existing catalog. When you change filtering options for an existing catalog, patches that no longer match the remaining filters are marked as irrelevant.  Additionally, if a vendor removes a patch (typically an obsolete patch) from their site and it cannot be downloaded, then the patch will be tagged as irrelevant during the Catalog Update Job. Irrelevant patches are not deleted automatically because they might be referenced in a Patching Job or by a BLPackage. Use the following steps to delete irrelevant patches.

To remove irrelevant patches from an existing catalog

  1. Right-click the catalog and select Removing Irrelevant Patches.
  2. To begin removal, click OK.
    Progress is shown. If dependencies for a particular patch are discovered, TrueSight Server Automation requests instructions. Click OK to remove dependencies as well or Ignore to keep the dependent patches in the catalog.
  3. Click Close.


Alternatively, you can use the PatchCatalog - deleteObsoletePatchesFromWindowsCatalog BLCLI command, as in the following example:

blcli_execute PatchCatalog deleteObsoletePatchesFromWindowsCatalog "/PathTo/WinCatalog"

Where to go from here

Performing patch analysis

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